Thursday, January 29, 2015

Great Offers Themed Scrapbook in My Memories store
Sewing Lovers - only US$4,00

Pioneer Village in Love only US$3,59

Anise Lovers  only US$2,00

Train Station only US$3,00

Pajama Party only US$2,00

Old Scrap Circus US$3,59
Ancestor legacy only US$3,00

All original digital products by Cari Lopez

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Plebicito Já

Dentre os 15 países de maior PIB ajustado ao poder de compra, o Brasil é o único

Amplie a foto e veja texto completo

Among the 15 countries with the highest GDP adjusted for purchasing power, Brazil is the only country where voting is compulsory. 
Let's change that! 
Your enjoy this post is powerful.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Studiocarilopez is on-line?

Many people have asked me if I would not close my store .... because it is online. For three straight months was unable to get into my dashboard to negotiate the renewal of my contract now won July 27. The host is great, good price, never had problems. It turns out that it took a lot to answer what was the real problem, until I had to talk to a clerk in spain, so get in touch and tell me what the problem was. I had no access because they were being attacked by hackers from Brazil and closed all doors, even mine, and probably in the whole Brazil. Ie not paid and did not close the store. If you want to buy, feel free, the store has been scanned, it is hosted in the USA and is free of virus. Buy when they want to close.