Thursday, December 28, 2006

NEW KIT by Cari Lopez
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Thursday, December 21, 2006



Art Nouveau
Cari Lopez & Clohie Watkins
Designer's Comments:
Art Nouveau a decorative style with organic and fluid movements. A feminine and romantic kit that will feast your senses and eyes. With 60 textured papers decorated with beautiful patterns in tons of blues, greeen, mustard and pewter. Amazing frames, mats and embelishments all signed by Cari Lopez and Clohie Watkins.
12X12 , 300 dpi /60 papers /01 tag /2 embellishments /3 journaling box /4 mats /1 silver sticker /03 templates /01 buckle /01 buckle&ribbon /05 corner /01 top border /04 Frames /01 soft overlay /02 stamp rub /03 doodles /Unzipped total files – aprox 215MB

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Celtic World Kit

Coming Soon -
by Cari Lopez & Clohie Watkins
Celtic World Kit
Traditions, mysticism, pride, elegance these can all be spelled in one word Celts. This Celtic kit offers you a variety of lavish papers, full of textures in tons of silver, blue, green, mustard and red and tartans. The embelishments are in copper and silver. The perfect kit to express your family traditions. Signed by Cari Lopez and Clohie Watkins.
Wat you see layouts with this kit?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Pansie's Lovers Digital Scrap Kit
by Cari Lopez

Pillow box freebie

Freebie Week Pillow Box Pansies for gifts

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


New year,and more sales!
Novo ano e mais vendas!
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Only Digital Scrapbooking advertisements.Advertise and see what is on offer.Sale of High resolution digital graphics with commercial licence for designers .Looking for designers to set up your Creative Team? Advertise here.Where to find tutorials, forums, blogs, freebies, shops, sketches, graphic software.Hints for Layouts, graphic programs, plugins.Come and join us.Only Digital Scrapbooking advertisements.
Grupo destinado a postagem de anúncios de lançamentos de kits digitais para scrapbook, Procura de pessoal para Creative Team(CT),Vendas de desenhos digitais e alta resolução com licensa comercial para designers, dicas sobre softwares gráficos, layouts , dicas sobre tutoriais, fóruns, blogs, freebies, lojas, sketches, somente scrap digital.

Christmas Jewel Kit

New kit by Cari Lopez - Christmas Jewel
A beautiful and rich kit for those special Christmas photos or any photo that requires an elegant background. There are 17 richly textured papers in stuning shades of gold, sepia, reds, green and blue. Some of them have a velvety appearance others a soft sheen. The embelishments are in 18 k gold with pearls. A must have kit signed by Cari Lopez.
Unzipped files aprox. 95.6MB – 300 dpi – 12x12

Product Contents - 17 papers/01 gold rustic bow/04 embellishments/03 frames/01 gold cord
03 mats/01 doodle/01 jewel border/01 topiary and jewel top/01 jewel corner/01 tree christmas jewel/01 gold tag/01 jewel tie.

Divine Digital store: Click Here
SBP store:Click Here

Saturday, November 25, 2006



300 dpi.....14.2MB for print in your home
Coming soon box, cards, tags, bags for gift's Christmas!!!!In SBP and Divine Digital Store.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Freebie week

o3 Printables Gifts Tags
From Old Canvas Collection Card and Tags - SBP Store


Product News



Printables Textured Cards and Gifts Tags

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Freebie Week - Ginger Bells Collection by Cari Lopez -
Digital Gingerbread Cookies Embellishment with rolled fondant
300 dpi - png format

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ginger Bells

It inspired in gingerbread’s cookies , gingerbread men, ornate with rolled fondant , in different colors.
For yours Photo Christmas’s cook and kind moments for Xmas.
Unzipped files aprox. 240MB – 300 dpi – 12x12

30 papers
03 bowls
08 gingerbread cookies with rolled fondant
03 pots of gingerbread cookies
02 tops
06 embellishments
01 sticker gold
03 Gingerbread frames
01 house gingerbread frame
01 label
01 gingerbread cookies bag
01 journaling box
01 note papers
01 recipe paper
04 ribbons
06 tags
01 template
01 tie
01 word art

Shmitt Family - Genealogy

Inspired in members of Schmitt family , the perfect kit for genealogy and heritage photos.Have a accessories for organizer the pedigrees for genealogy.Unzipped files aprox. 81MB – 300 dpi – 12x12
19 papers
02 bowls
02 embellishments
03 gold bars for organizer pedigrees
03 frames
04 metallic colour plaques with flowers(tags)
01 mat
04 metallic colour plaques (tags)
01 note paper
03 ribbons
01 template
01 corner
01 doodle
01 star born
01 wedding rings
01 initial for bath
O1 flowers
01 clip

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cari Lopez's Printable Personalized Calendar2007

Cari Lopez's Printable Personalized Calendar2007
This is a twelve months and cover personal calendar. Created in 8,27 x 5,91 inches, 300dpi, for perfect print quality, it's a great Christmas gift. Each month's theme reflects the main celebration for that month, in wonderful colors. You'll notice that this version also has a place to insert your own photo.You can print the calendar yourself or you can have it printed for you by your favorite print service. You can also put binders on the calendar - it will look great, with a perfect finish. Make your gifts yourself, with love, beauty, talent and creativity - all of this you'll find in this wonderful calendar. png format.

avaliable in sbp, and a divine digital store(coming soon)

CALENDAR 2007 by Cari Lopez

CALENDAR 2007 by Cari Lopez

This is a twelve months and cover calendar. Created in 8,27x5,91 inches, 300dpi, for perfect print quality, it's a great Christmas gift. Each month's theme reflects the main celebration for that month, in wonderful colors. You can print the calendar yourself or you can have it printed for you by your favorite print service. You can also put binders on the calendar - it will look great, with a perfect finish. Make your gifts yourself, with love, beauty, talent and creativity - all of this you'll find in this wonderful calendar.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006


Christma's Miracle - Poinsettia /Coming Soon in Divine Digital and Scrapbookers playground

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New and fun Kit by Cari Lopez

Mardi Gras- Jazz Band
For Mardi gra's Pics and Fans of gold years artists.
Hurry up!
In SBP Gallery - Click here for see details

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freebie week - Exotic indian's pin
download here

Monday, October 16, 2006

Digital art collage

DIGITAL ART COLLAGE I - Love and Romance
In Scrapbookers Playground and Divine Digital
Inspired in the talent of the girls Artezine Cafe.

Kit Sherry's wedding

Sherry's Wedding kit by Cari Lopez
Coming soon
In scrapbookplayground and divine digital.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Halloween's Fancy Masks

Halloween's Fancy Masks
Halloween’s Masks by Cari Lopez and Paniza design – Bad Cat – Frankpire-Grassalienflex-Parasiticwitch.
In Scrapbookers Playground store - Click Here

If you are tired of see the old personages in all the parties of halloween, or does not have artistic gifts for make up your son or still, your son is allergic the makeup, Cari Lopez and Paniza, developed thrown masks for party of halloween of your sons. And it have not more that argument between two sons that are going to be the same one personage, the masks comes to the pair and in different colors. Take advantage of that unique opportunity! Masks in adult size, please, verify the size of the face of his son at the right moment of print and or the distance of the eyes, at the right moment of do the holes for the eyes.

New kit By Cari Lopez

Mr. Benassi’s Golf by Cari Lopez
In Scrapbookers Playground - Click here for see that
We go to Play Golf? With that kit you are going to find many lay outs for yours pictures of your favorite sport. Be a master, or still beginner, you go to be able to have a very elegant album to your arrangement.
Come with us in that fun!

FREEBIE WEEK 3 - Cari's Design Cap

FREEBIE WEEK 3 - Cari's Design Cap

Monday, October 02, 2006

Freebie week


Download in

Winrar - 15 MB - 300 Dpi

Download here

Without Words!

Without others Words!

Saturday, September 30, 2006


This is a new kit mean : The Big Moth - Paper's Supplies!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cari Lopez' European Tour Collection – Part 2 –Spain

Comig soon in the Divine Digital and Scrapbookers playground! Contagious Joy in that kit , will seduce you for scrap of your ancestors and travels or even for the lovers of that hot land of joy. Look the previews

Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Thanks for download my freebie/Obrigada por adquirir meu brinde/Gracias por adquirir mi freebie
-All the kits & other products in this page are copyright protected and may not be distributed without express written permission from Cari Lopez.
-Todos os kits e outros produtos apresentados nesse site,tem seus direitos autorais protegidos por lei e não podem ser distribuídos Seja qual for a mídia sem permissão por escrito da parte de Cari Lopez.
-Todos los productos de la tienda virtual tienen sus derechos copyright protegidos por ley y no pueden ser distribuídos en negun medio de comunicación, sea virtual, digital o impreso, o otro cualquiera.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006


Coming Soon! In
In two stores (Divinedigital & Scrapbookersplayground).

A Window for the sky


It comes soon, the collection FIELD OF LAVENDER in two distinct versions that if complement, the first is the flower version and the second a seed version.
The Flower Version alone will be available in e the Seed version will be in offers of launching in, it does not lose this opotunity and it has the two for you!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

HELLO!Until 15th of September, I will be receiving applications for my Creative Team. I'm searching for talented people that will create and post layouts of my kits to high end galleries. Send an e-mail to the address cited in this blog, in the right column (contact here) and tell me a little bit about your experiences and interests. I will then send one of my kits to all candidates (the same kit will be sent to all) You'll be required to create two layouts, using only elements of the kit and this layout will be posted on a site, where a board of judges will select the Cari Lopez Creative Team. This board will be constituted by designers of great prominence in U.S.A. and its names will not be divulged. The selected artists, will receive an invitation for my CT Yahoo Group. The Creative Team will receive free kits chosen by me and will have to create and post at least two layouts per kit in three large international galleries (Free registration and please read the rules, as they are distinct for each gallery). This kit can only be used for layouts' creation and personal use. By the end of each month all the members of the CT will be sent a kit made specially by me for the CT, with a limited commmercial use license, for the purpose of creating quick pages. All the team members will receive the same kit and will be able to create quick pages to sell wherever they choose to, and they will only be required to give proper credits to the CT member and to the designer.
I can't wait to receive your e-mails and to see how you'll use my kit!


Oi Pessoal!
Até dia 15 de setembro estarei recebendo inscrições para o meu time de criação para feitio e divulgação dos layouts de meus kits. As interessadas deverão escrever para o endereço citado nesse blog , na coluna á direita (contact here) e dizer de suas experiênias e interesse. Será enviado um kit de minha autoria para todas as interessadas( o mesmo kit) e essas deverão confeccionar, dois layouts somente com elementos do kit e esse layout será postado em um site, onde uma banca julgadora irá selecionar o time de criação de layouts by Cari Lopez. A banca será constituída de designers de grande destaque nos EUA e não serão divulgados seus nomes. As artistas selecionadas, receberão um convite para o grupo yahoo, receberão meus kits gratuitamente ( eu irei escolhê-los e distribuí-los) e deverão postar pelo menos dois layouts por kit entregue (esse somente poderá ser utilizado para feitio dos layouts e uso pessoal) em três galerias de scrap no exterior (de inscrição gratuita e por favor leiam as regras, pois elas são distintas para cada galeria). No final de cada mês todas receberão um kit especialmente feito por mim para o time de criação com uma licença particular de uso comercial dos kits para feitio de quick pages.Todo o time receberá o mesmo kit e poderão fazer páginas rápidas para vender em qualquer lugar, indicando os créditos da edição de imagens e da designer. Espero sua inscrição! abraços

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hi! Want a freebie?? Click here and take the butterflies of glass by Cari Lopez and coming soon the kit for this freebie - Fields of Lavender in Divine Digital boutique.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Begin now it prepare his party of halloween, while the prices are short!

Candy Bags, Tags and cards (printables)- Click Here !

Quick page for combine yours printables - Click Here

News of Divine Digital

In the shop divine digital, you are going to find quick pages of my new collection, Wood & Elegance - Inlay, by the price of $2,50, and free two overlays for journaling. Visits and know those new pages. Click Here

The News offers Scrapbookers Playground

Hello everyone!
In the scrapbookers playground my kit scrapcooking have 20% off.
Look This!
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I've created this blog to let you know all the news on my work as a scrapdesigner and also in celebration of this art that fills all my days and evenings, while I wait for my son's return.Thanks to all those who visit and support this place, so lovingly created.